I am an amateur timelapse photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, who caught the bug for time-lapse photography. I enjoy the creative and technical challenges of planning, shooting and processing time-lapse sequences.

I have currently made time-lapse movies (2-5 mins) in Scotland, England and Italy. On this page you will see a product of my travels in Calabria, Italy at a small but very beautiful hill top town called Santa Severina.

Here on my site I will share, in my blog, some of my travels, trials and successes of my time-lapse learning curve. Also I’ll share my experiences with the equipment and software I use.

I’m also learning Italian, which is not particularly easy for me, and that's why many of my travels involve visiting various parts of Italy.

Time-lapse photography is rapidly developing as better equipment and software become available and computers can crunch the processing faster.

You can contact me at the addresses given below or using the contact form on the last page.