2016 Timelapse Festival and Sardinia

So I'm back from Sardinia, Italy with lots of timelapse sequences, which I hope to turn into 4-5 timelapse movies. When each movie has about 10 sequences its takes me about 10 - 14 days to process, assemble, edit and add the credits. The weather was not a sunny as I hoped it would be but you have to work with what you get! I should be loading up this first one (Alghero) in a couple of days.

 Before I left for Sardinia I did make the effort to submit two of my timelapse movies (Braemar, Scicli) to the 2016 Timelapse  Film Festival at Santa Monica, California. I'm sure the competition with be of a very high standard but I thought it was a fun thing to do. Here are a couple of shots when making these two timelapse movies.   ..........   braemartl-2.jpgitalynov15scicli-1.jpg