Flowers and Flicker

The wet and windy summer in Northeast Scotland has curtailed my outside time-lapse activities. So, after seeing the excellent flower videos that Katka Pruskova and David de los Santo Gil had made, I decided to have a go at flower time-lapses.

I bought a portable camera studio from Amazon for £36 and 4 cheap G10 desk lights from B&Q (I changed the hot tungsten bulbs for cooler led's for safety reasons). Then with an external intervalometer I was off!  

Shooting every 2 mins for about 48 hours has worked so far. Processing has been tricky because of flicker but after LRT4 I converted the files to jpeg and used Sequence to deflicker and render, which solves it. I might drop the LRT4 step and just use LR6 and Sequence.

Video to follow in a couple of weeks.