iMac & hard/software

Things were a little slow in the latter part of June because I had computer problems (27" iMac) and I had to wipe the main drive and reinstall everything. Fortunately I do have a Time Machine back-up so nothing was lost!

I have finished a new time-lapse video that was taken in a seaside village in Calabria, Italy called Borgo Chianalea, Scillia. I'll share the vimeo link in the next blog. I'm quite pleased with the results and the day to night/night to day sequences were done using a TP-Link to connect to my iPad where the software qDslrDashboard controlled the ISO speed and the exposure. The resulting sequences were processed with LRTimelapse4 giving beautiful results. This hardware and software is a great combination!

Currently I'm working on the sequences I took in Gerace, Calabria, Italy.

This past weekend I made a trip to Loch Earn in Perthshire, Scotland. Of course I made some sequences that might be very interesting. I'll share more details when I have time to process them.