Italy: Milan, Palermo and Scicli!


Sorry for the blog being quiet for the last two weeks but I have been away in Italy. My travels started in Milan, then Palermo and then finally Scicli (a small baroque town in South east Sicily). Of course I took my timelapse equipment with me so that I could make sequences and I hope to be able to create timelapse video's for each place (you can never be sure until they are processed). I took two Nikon cameras, two very light tripods, two lenses 18-105mm zoom and a wide angle 10-24mm. I also took the dynamic perception stage R system, a mini router, my iPad and my iPhone. I have the qDslrDashboard app on both my iPad and iPhone so that I can do simultaneous ramping sequences on both cameras.

In order to make a video for each place I need to shoot 7-10 sequences in the 4-6 days I spend in each place. I always ends up being quite a challenge to find locations to shoot and then be there when you have the right light conditions. I usually find it best to explore for locations without my timelapse gear (which is always heavy) so I don't get trigger happy before I have found what I wanted! Now I need to start processing!

The photo above shows my dual set up with one camera ramping with the sunrise and the other camera ramping the sun on the mountains.