Loch Earn and TPE!

I have made some time-lapse sequences of Loch Earn, near Perth Scotland. The early morning and evening mists I captured are spectacular and I have about half a videos worth and I need to return and make some more before I have enough to post on Vimeo.

Since early morning and evening shooting time is very limited, I need to be at the right locations at the right time to capture the best results. To help me with this I use "The Photographers Ephemeris", which is an app that shows me where the sun/moon will be on any day/time and, with it's geodetics capability, the effect the surrounding mountains have on the sunrise and sunset times. I can plan it all in advance on my desktop computer and then sync to my iPad/iPhone for working in the field (see screenshot photo of app). And then I just have to hope for good weather, which is never easy in Scotland!!!