New Timelapse+ View Intervalometer

 Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer Intro Video from Elijah Parker on Vimeo.

Elijah Parker has developed prototype of a very exiting new intervalomenter and he is seeking funding through his "Kickstarter campaign".

VIEW Key Features

USB control for Canon, Nikon and Sony Alpha (possibly more later) OLED color screen fully functions in extreme cold (-40°).  Wifi & Bluetooth interfaces.  Preview the time-lapse at 24/30 fps on the device or from your phone, even while it's still running! Full remote control / setup / liveview from a smartphone via Wifi (VIEW as an access point) Remote access from the internet when the VIEW is connected via Wifi using optional service (one year free included with preorder), including downloading images.  Minimizes cables needed: full-size USB host port & built-in hotshoe mount reads flash sync directly.  Fully automated bulb ramping, day-to-night, night-to-day, focus & interval ramping Scheduling options (e.g., "run weekdays during daylight") DP NMX motion control wireless integration.

I'm supporting it's further development and if you are interested please go to his kickstarter link: