New Video: Autumn Aberdeenshire

Autumn Aberdeenshire from Barry K on Vimeo.

Eventually I finished the Autumn Aberdeensire video! I didn't have a clear plan for it and I found myself taking almost random sequences.  So over the weekend I reviewed the sequences, removing some and I made a new opening sequence with the sun rising over a small Aberdeenshire town called Insch. This involved me getting up at 5am on Sunday, driving to the location, climbing a small hill for 20 mins (in the dark) and then standing in the almost freezing cold for about 90 mins (yes, its such a joy). Unfortunately interesting sequences don't come to you, so you have to go to them! I shot two scenes with 2 camera's but one didn't work because the focusing was out. Manual focusing in the dark can be very tricking but I kick myself for not checking it properly. However, I did get what I wanted from once scene and I was able to finish the video. I'm particularly pleased with the final sunset sequence over the Dunnideer Castle ruins, which was built c 1260.