New Video: Bosa, Sardinia


Bosa, Sardegna from Barry K on Vimeo.

Bosa is a little town in Sardinia with a river running through and with  briliantly coloured houses. It's a gem of a place for a photographer, if you can get the right light conditions. I was lucky with a mix of sunshine, clouds and rain (wet buildings can enhance their colour). I only had 3 days there so I had to prioritize the sequences but I have no doubt there are still numerous places to shoot.

The Hotel (Palazzo Sa Pischedda) gave us a wonderful  room with a great view of the river and the town which made the  "day to night" and "night to day" sequences relatively easy and confortable.

Having two stage R units connected together makes the pan and tilt sequences straightforward. I did want more sequences of people enjoying themselves in the town centre but the weather limited what I could get.

The LRTiimelpse software (version  4.7)continues to make the processing the sequences easy. Though after I have completed deficker and updated all the photos from the meta data, I sometimes have to remove dust spots with the spot removal tool. This can be a bit teadious!

Adobe Premiere Pro (instead of iMovie) is definitely paying off. Assembling and adjusting the clips, editing, adding the title/credits and adding the sound track went much faster than iMove. It's a very powerful program and I have still lot to learn ( I really appreciate all the YouTube teaching videos).

I sent the completed video as a gift to the Hotel where we stayed and they we delighted to have it