New Video: Braemar, Scotland

Braemar, Scotland from Barry K on Vimeo.

I wanted a new challenge over the winter where I could use my Dynamic perception stage one and stage r equipment. I selected Braemar because it's a lovely village on the edge of the Cairngorm mountains and very close to the Glenshee ski area. This allowed me to ski in the morning and capture timelapse sequences in the afternoon. To give the village a good look in the low, but high contrast, winter sun I decided to shoot most of it in 5 shot hdr. I used Photomatrix Pro to process the hdr sequences.  I had to get up very early for the opening sequence so that I was already shooting (using qDslrdashboard ramp the iso and speed) as the sun came over the mountains.  The "Photographer's Ephemeris" app was very useful in calculating when that would be.

The final challenge was trying to shoot it all in full sunshine, which is fairly difficult in not very predictable UK weather. All I could  do was wait for the right conditions. But with a bit patience it all came together!