New Video: Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy from Barry K on Vimeo.

I recently visited Milan for the first time and I couldn't resist making a timelapse of their spectacular Duomo. I was only there for 3 days so it was then a challenge to find some other timelapse locations and  see if I could get enough sequences to make a video. With the help of the very efficient Metro I was able to get around the city and get sufficient sequences.

For most of the sequences I was using my Nikon d7200 (with built in wifi) and my iPhone (with the qDslrdashboard App) to ramp the settings for sunrise or sunset conditions. The is a very simple and light combination. Then, at home, I use the LRTimelapse 4.4 software (with Holy Grail capability) to process the sequences. Then I assemble the video in iMove, add a sound track and export it directly to Vimeo. It all sounds very straight forward but sometimes I need to repeat the processing if it doesn't look right due to conflicts, excess flicker or some other oddity!

I'm sure there are many more  spectacular locations in this city and I look forward to visiting again and photographing them. Now I still have to process Palermo and Scicli!