New Video: Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily, Italy from Barry K on Vimeo.

I spent 4 nights in Palermo and I thinks it’s a wonderful  place. However, it was quite a challenge to find timelapse locations and decide the best time to shoot them. I got some nice "day to night" and "night to day" sequences at the harbour using my Nikon d7200 (with wifi), iPhone and the qDslrDashboard app ramping the ISO and the speed. I only happened to come across the very beautiful Piazza Pretoria on my second last day and I'm sure there are better ways to shoot this amazing piazza. The spectacular Opera House was just outside my hotel and I wanted to get a sequence of the early morning sun illuminating it.  Unfortunately I left this until my last morning, which turned out to be cloudy! So I shot the sequence in HDR which does help brighten it up a little, but not the really the sequence I wanted.  Of course the real challenge is to the make the best of what you have got.

As for the music there was only one real choice : Once upon a time in Palermo by fifty_tons!