New Video: Ragusa, Sicily

Ragusa, Sicilia from Barry K on Vimeo.

I had visited Ragusa several times but I had never stayed in this lovely baroque town. This time we were there for 4 nights, which gave me the opportunity to make some timelapse sequences. The B&B where we stayed had a very good balcony where I could make the "night to day" sequences. It's always a challenge in a new location to find places for timelapse sequences and also have the time to actually capture the sequences. In Ragusa Ibla the little tourist train was a great help and a comfortable way of exploring the town.  As always I never have enough time but I hope this small video gives you some idea of what this fascinating place town looks like.

The people sequences are always a challenge but I sit at a cafe with a low tripod and pretend its not shooting. Dust is also a big challenge, especially when its windy, but I can usually solve it Lightroom (but not always and I might have to give up on a sequence). Since I cannot carry a slider and cradle on vacation I do use the dual stage R system Dynamic Perception for pan/tilt sequences. I have just received their new Sapphire System, which is lighter and smaller .

I processed some of the sequences with Panolapse to give some more movement to the video. In addition, I used Adobe Premiere “Warp Stabilizer” to iron out some wobbles from high winds.

Those of you that are aficionados of Inspector Montalbano might recognize the bus stop where Livia arrives and departs.