New Video: Scicli, Sicily

Scicli, Sicily, Italy from Barry K on Vimeo.

Scicli is one of 8 baroque towns in southeast Sicily that were recognized by UNESCO in 2002 and included on their "World Heritage List". The architecture is beautiful and combined with the excellent light gives the possibility of amazing photography. It took me a couple of attempts to find the way up to the old San Matteo church on the hill but when I got there the views were amazing. The day-to-night/night-to day sequences were shot with my Nikon d7200, iPhone  and qDslrdashboard combination. Sometimes, when shooting in tight streets, I forget to leave enough space for the crop to video format (camera 3x2 to video 16x9) but I just have to live with the result (and try to remember for next time). I did buy a new Gitzo tripod (GT1542 traveler) for this trip. It was very expensive but I found it's functionality and low weight excellent for my timelapse setups.

There was only one choice for the music "Return to Sicily by fifty-tons". I have been in email contact with the composer and he was pleased with the result and he might make some more Sicilian music.