New Video: Trapani, Sicily

Trapani, Sicilia from Barry K on Vimeo.

After a few days in Palermo our first stop was Trapani. This is a very lively town and we enjoyed exploring it. We had an apartment with a great view of the old harbor. As usual I try set up the "day to night" on the first afternoon/evening.  I have been using my iPad with the qDslrDashboard software to ramp the ISO and shutter speed. Sometimes the interval is a bit erratic but it has proven to be a very useful bit of software. Now I have the new Timelapse+View, which does not have this problem.  The advantage of having a balcony with a great view is that once the camera and iPad are setup we can go and enjoy the town. Usually it's a pretty good sequence but if I don't like the results I still have other nights to try again. I get up early and do the same for the night to day sequence (then I go back to bed).

I then took several sequences during the day or evening of people enjoying the old town. I find the best way of doing this is to find cafe table with an open view, set the tripod low, set the camera and intervalometer working. Then have a drink and totally ignore the camera.

Back at my office I process the sequences with LRTimelapse, Lightroom 6 CC and then compile/edit the sequences in Premiere Pro.

Now on to the next video - Ragusa, Sicily.