New Video: Ulassai, Sardinia

Ulassai, Sardegna from Barry K on Vimeo.

Ulassai is a spectacular mountain village surrounded by mountains and rock cliffs. I was only there for two nights and I had to be quick with timelapse locations. Fortunately the B&B where we were staying had a balcony with a spectacular view of the mountains and another village called Giro.

 Since the village was in the mountains there was little light polution and so I thought I would make a star sequence. It was largley an experiement and I had no idea how I was going to use it. I took the sequence at 20 sec exposure, 20 sec  interval, f4.0 and iso 2000. I would normally use my 10-24 mm wide angle zoom 10 mm but because it had a problem I had to use and 18 mm lens. The result was much better than I expected and I ended up including the sequence at the beginning and the end. I would like to try some more night sequences. 

Since I recently upgaded my Lightroom software to Lightroom CC 2015 I had access to their Dehaze setting n which was very helpful with several of the hazy mountain scenes. I also used the new lightroom upright feature. This didn't work in the LRTimelapse software but I could apply it to the final lightroom sequences just before rendering.

Adobe Premiere Pro is really paying back and I can do the Title and Credits so much faster that with iMovie. Also stretching or squeezing the sequences is great for aligning the video with the music.

I sent the completed timelapse video to the owner of the b&b and it was a big success with 1300 views in 5 days.