Palermo v2, Sicily, Italy

Palermo v2 from Barry K on Vimeo.

I revisited Palermo in September 2016 and this gave me the chance to make some more sequences. I have included 4 new sequences and one of these is a hyperlapse of the “Teatro Massimo”.


This is my first hyperlapse and it was challenging to move the tripod a fixed distance (the distance of my foot). For example tourists get in the way sometimes (some asked me to take their photo while I was making the sequence). I had set the sequence interval to 10 seconds so I just had to move, align to the top of the theatre and shoot. I didn't give the sequence much hope that because it was so jerky and I was very surprised when the Premiere Pro Warp stabilizer was able to smooth out 2/3 of the video. This did involve some cropping of the images and I think this is why the total video is also cropped from its usual size. It took about 20 mins to shoot and I was fully occupied for that time (as apposed to normal timelapse where you press the start button, relax and have a coffee). I need to read up some more hyperlapse techniques.


I also tried out the technique for getting night light trails using a dark filter to slow down the exposure. You can see this on the last sequence, which I shot from the top of a shop that had a late night restaurant. Again I was pleased with the result.