Pan Duration and Bow Fiddle Rock


I have a couple of timelapse videos almost ready to post on Vimeo. The first one is about Loch Earn where I am waiting on some final comments from a hotel that want to use it and the second one is about North East Scotland (largely Aberdeenshire).  The NE Scotland video has a jerky pan (ca 180 deg) sequence with distant objects and fast moving clouds and I need to re-shoot it with a longer duration to give more shots in the sequence. I have had this problem before and I made an empirical equation and coded into a simple basic language that works on my iPhone/iPad. Foolishly, with the digital NMX controller and the iPhone/iPad controller, I thought I didn't need it but the jerky sequence shows that I still do! I input the lens mm, interval, distance to far objects and cloud speed. Then it gives me the durations for various intervals and pan angle. I'm sure its not perfect but it gives me a guide based on my previous pan sequences.

This week I was out shooting at the Bow Fiddle Rock at Portknockie, Aberdeenshire. The photo above shows my dual camera set up in action.