Puppy, the View and Trapani.


I'm back! Yes, it has been a while. I had great plans to start processing the sequences but a little puppy got in the way. First I had to puppy proof the garden and then in early November we got the puppy. I had forgotten how much work is involved having a puppy (it's a bit like having a new baby).  She is very cute - see photo. As a result I have only got my photography going in late December

My Timelapse+View arrived from Elijah Parker. He has worked his genius to create a new tool for capturing timelapse sequences. I have only made one "day to night" sequence with it but it was amazingly easy to do. You choose a few parameters and hit the start button. There is even a little screen so that you can see how it is going or play the sequence so far.See photos and here is the link to this new equipment:


 I have done a couple of things while having a puppy. I made a hyperlapse on the Palermo opera house - moved the tripod after each shot! The raw sequence is horrible but once through the Lightroom  Warp Stabilizer and it looks amazing. I'll share it when I do the other Palermo sequences.

 I am almost ready with my first timelapse video from the Trapani (see photo). Processing was straight forward but I had to brush up My Premiere Pro skills (especially the titles and credits).

 I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy new year.