Sardinia (Sardegna), Italy

Tomorrow I'm off to Sardenia for a couple of weeks and of course I take my timelapse equipment with me. It includes 2 camera's, 2 tripods and 2 Dynamic Perception stage R's (about 10kg in total) so that I can take 2 timelapse sequences at the same time. I set up for the first sequence and then once that is running and I'm a little bored, I usually see a second sequence and hence the second camera and tripod. I carry a simple stand alone intervalometer and since Thursday a cute Pico Inervalometer by Mandarin. I'm still trying this out. It's very small but it can do 4 types of timelapse (normal, HDR, Bramping and speed bramping (I'm not sure what that is but with a little more practice I'll soon find out).

In addition to photogtraphy its also a chance to put my Italian lessons to work and have some connversations (albeit simple) with Italians!

As I tour around Sardinia and see some interesting places, I'll send out some tweets with photos under my twitter name Barry K (@destin921).