Sicily Tour


Apologies for being absent but I have been on another tour of Sicily where of course I have made many timelapse sequences. I started in Palermo followed by Trapani, Sambuca, Ragusa and Taormina. These are all amazing locations with lots of photographic potential. I had between 2-4 nights in each location, which meant that I had to work fast selecting locations and time for making the sequences. I don't process the sequences “on the fly” which means I have a lot of SD cards to sort out when I get back to Aberdeen.

Up loading the sequences usually takes 2-3 days and then I can start processing and see what I have captured. Processing 8-10 sequences for a location takes about a week or even longer if I'm not satisfied with the results or I have a lot of dust spots to remove.

I compile the sequences in Adobe Premier Pro for editing and adding the soundtrack (even selecting the soundtrack can take a couple of days).

So over the coming weeks I will be posting 3 or 4 new timelapse videos.