Two Stage R setup and Braemar progress


I'm using the combined Dynamic Perception two stage R, which gives motion in two directions, a lot (see photos). The set up is very straight forward and the NMX controller is easy to set up with my iPhone. The iPhone app gives you a joy stick to set the start and end positions.

I don't have to do, or undo, bolts for the set up/set down because after I have removed the camera and disconnected from the tripod, the whole thing fits in my camera bag. It's obviously a bit heaver than a single set up but I will take it with me on my upcoming travels to Sardinia.

I now have 4 sequences of Braemar and I need to take a further 4 before I can assemble a timelapse video. Because of the high contrast in the low winter sunlight I am shooting the day time sequences in hdr 5 shot, which gives a softer and warmer result (as long as you don't over cook the hdr processing).