Wet and Windy, Winter projects!


Due to the poor weather in North East Scotland my timelapse activities have been very limited. I wanted to take some harsh winter sequences with lots of snow. Unfortunately the weather has been warm(ish) with lots of rain and wind. So I have been working inside on two projects.

The first was to be able to lower one of my tripods so that the head is closer to the ground. I did this by replacing the central column (36cm long) with a 10cm aluminum tube, with one end filled with a 3cm aluminum rod where I had tapped a thread for an FLM Stud Screw. The tripod legs can now spread out to their maximum and the head is considerably lower (see photo).

The second was to work out how to do "focus ramping" with my TimeLapse+ controller while having my Dynamic Perception NMX controller in slave mode. This will enable me to start very low (on my track) with the near surroundings in focus and then the focus increases automatically as the dolly climbs up the rail for the full vista.  It's taken a number of trial runs in the house to get the settings and sequence right but I'm almost ready to take it into the field.

All I need now is the right weather and some sunshine!