Working on Loch Earn Video


Now back from Loch Earn where I managed to take 11 timelapse sequences in 3 days. I am currently processing them at about 2 per day. I only took one HDR sequence, which was from the top of a mountain where I was shooting down the loch into the sun. There is nothing like lugging a rucksack full to timelapse gear up a mountain! The weather was very good and most of the sequences should be good. One of the challenges I don't have sorted yet is dust on the lens. I do try to keep them clean but the spots sneak back. I do what I can in LR6 but when it is a pan sequence that usually doesn't work. Once I'm finished processing I'll assemble the video, from all the clips, in iMovie. When I have the loch Earn video sorted I'll go back to the processing the Aberdeenshire sequences I made 3 weeks ago.