Weather: It's hard to be sure of the weather but you have to take chances. Sometimes you are lucky and sometime you just wasted your time traveling to and setting up at a location.

Wind: Even a tripod can be shaken by strong winds. I have found a way to attach a bag to the middle section of my tripod, which can hold a large rock.

Batteries: My camera batteries are getting old and I have to make sure they are fully charged before a long sequence (3-4 hours).

Portability: Much as I like using my lightweight slider I find it hard to transport (with all the other gear) when I'm flying to holiday destinations. So I limit myself to the simpler singe stage R configuration, which still allows me to do quite a lot.

Log Book: When I return home I have to sort out all the files and sequences, which can be a nightmare! I have found the best way is to keep a log of what i shoot as well as where, settings and the start/end time. Also I make a note of things that went wrong, which helps me sort out the files at the office end.

Processing: This is getting easier with programs such as LRTimelapse4. Since I now shoot RAW files I'm trying to do everything in this program and Lightroom 5. It just takes time but it is a lot better now that I have two Mac's on my desk.


Music: The right music really enhances the time-lapse video but in order to publish on the internet you need to have the music rights. I purchase music from audio jungle which has an amazing amount of very good royalty free music. The challenge is to pick the right music for the mood your want to create!

Cost: Its not cheap assembling all the gear and software but you can start of very cheaply with a camera, tripod and an intervalometer. In addition, many software makers have a free trial period and a free cutdown version of their programs with which you can still do quite a lot.


You can find some more of my Time-lapse videos at the following links:

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