About my Time-lapse Photography

I use a Nikon D7000 camera with Dynamic Perceptions stage 1 dolly, stage R pan and tilt system and their NMX digital controller. When I travel I often just take their Stage R, system which is very portable. I don’t bother trying to process on a laptop and the results of my travels have to wait until I get back in my office where I have two large screens powered by two separate computers. I use one for processing and the other for editing (as wells as all the day to day stuff).

Once you have captured some great sequences it is the processing that brings it to life! I used to shoot large jpeg format but I have recently taken the jump to shoot in RAW. The file sizes are greater but I hope the results will be worth it.

The main software I use is LRTimelapse4 from Gunther Wegner. Each version sees improvements and new innovations and is specifically made for processing time-lapse sequences. He even has a small version of the software which is free and very useful for new time-lapse photographers.

I also use The Photographer’s Ephemeris for planning shoots and Capture One, Lightroom 5, Panolapse and Sequence for processing.


I find the sound track is almost as important as the images and I buy royalty free music from a site called Audio Jungle. It's quite hard to find the right music that complements the images

Finally I compile the sequences and music in iMovie where I also do some rearranging and editing until I am happy with the movie and credits.

Then I export the final movie to Vimeo.