Edinburgh from Barry on Vimeo.


I was visiting London and that gave me a great opportunity to take some sequences in and about Greenwich. I shot some sequences in the park and in Greenwich town. Since the Old Royal Naval College has such a spectacular place in Greenwich I set up to take a sequence there. However, before I could start an official of the college came out and asked me if I had a tripod permit, which I didn’t! This resulted in a chat with the operations manager who gave me permission since I’m just an amateur. I sent him a link to the finished time-lapse video and this video is also on the Facebook page of the Old Royal Naval College.


Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven, is such a spectacular place that I had to make a time-lapse video about it. It turned out to be harder than I expected. Trying to plan various shoots when the weather is changing all the time isn’t easy. Then when I got the right conditions and managed to the location at 5.30am it was bitterly cold and I ended up using my ski base layer and heavy winter jacket to keep myself warm. The only down side to time-lapse photography in the winter is waiting in the freezing cold for the sequence to finish!


This was made during a 2 day visit to Edinburgh in March. The sequences were shot from Calton Hill and the Princess Gardens using my Dynamic Perception Stage R equipment. While shooting the sunrise sequence I met the Image Quality Professor from the Danish Phase One Company. My apologies for the abrupt finish to the final sequence, where the sun goes dow over the castle, but I hadn't realized that the gardens shut at 5pm in the winter season and I just had to stop shooting and leave!


I do enjoy skiing at Glenshee in the winter, which is only about an hours drive from Aberdeen. While skiing I wondered what a ski time-lapse would look like. I made a few ski runs with my time-lapse backpack and all went well (Ie I didn't fall over) so I set up my equipment at the top of the ski lifts and partway down some ski runs. I also included some sequences from the drive to Glenshee and this was the result.


This was shot during a tour of northern Calabria, Italy, last year. Altomonte is a wonderful little town where the historic centre is on the top of a large hill. We stayed in an apartment right on the main piazza (which is shown in the photo). This allowed me to just step outside and shoot sequences at any time of the day. For the last sequence a lady in the museum allowed me to to shoot from the roof of the museum which gives a lovely ending to to the video.